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MemoriaTree will be a leading social network where users can create memorial pages of their loved ones and connect them all through family tree graphs.

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MemoriaTree is currently testing on an invitational closed Beta site.

Celebrate Your Family History


Create memorial pages of your loved ones, and share stories, pictures and videos to remember and celebrate their lives. You can invite other family members to contribute to the memorials, and choose to set the memorial pages to be either private or public.


Build your family tree with our easy to use interface, and invite your family members to help you. Connect your family tree to memorial pages, user profiles, or even other family trees, and watch it grow ever larger!

MemoriaTree is part of the STING Test Drive program and the SSES Ventures pre-incubation Fellowship program.

Opening grant provided by ALMI Företagspartner and Startup STHLM.

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